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Poesy Quill Publishing is driven by passion and the 'know how' to take a book from manuscript to finished product.

We publish books we love and believe in. 

PQP will form a partnership with its contracted authors to ensure the success of their novels. Contracts will reflect this by offering a 50% royalty to authors in the first year of publication. This royalty increases in the second and third year of publication. 


PQP's aims to publish the 'break out' works of writers without any prior published major works.

PQP also offers a novel assessment service, with the option of mentorship. 


I was lucky enough to win the Historical Novel Society – Australasia’s first Elisabeth Corbett Mentorship Program (December 2020). The prize was access to the wonderful mind and talent of Dr Wendy Dunn. Wendy was a brilliant mentor, and the experience was so positive for me.


Wendy is enthusiastic, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable. She has a special knack of making a mentee feel important and capable. Although she has enormous wisdom and vast experience writing historical fiction, her talent for gently guiding the writing process is extremely helpful and proved to be exactly what I needed. 


As I am wont to do, I got stuck and frustrated at the end of Act 2 of my YA historical novel manuscript. Wendy patiently and sagely pinpointed the things I was doing that were contributing to my stuckness, namely a career-long habit of pushing myself and my art too hard for too long. Using her considerable experience and incredible empathy, she was able to help me not only get unstuck but also find better balance in my creative life. She gave me permission to pause, step back, and recharge—a valuable lesson that I will take forward in my writing life. Upon finishing the mentorship, her feedback on my manuscript was encouraging, thought-provoking, and useful.


I highly recommend Wendy as a writing mentor. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have tapped into such a kind and learned soul. She is the epitome of knowledgeable, empathic guidance.


Ali Stegert