All Manner of Things continues its success!

Back in April, PQP submitted All Manner of Things into a few awards. To our immense delight, All Manner of Things has done well in most of them. It is currently in the long list for this year’s Chaucer’s Award, received a five star award from HFC Editorial Review, gained Readers’ Favorite’s silver Medal in its historical personage category. Now it is time to celebrate the news that All Manner of Things adds an IndieBRAG medallion to its award list.

Below is from the IndieBRAG report:

This is definitely a 5/5 book. I am a Historical Fiction fan and this one ticked all the boxes. I am also a Tudor fan and have read many books about this era, but the thing that stands out about this book is the different perspective by Maria
(Lady-in-Waiting for Catherine of Aragon) It was like a glimpse of Catherine and Arthur/Henry from a different view. Loved it. Entertaining, exciting and heartfelt.

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